Friday, 13 May 2011

‘Unsung Heroes’ project update

We recently held a seminar for some of the Edinburgh College of Art (eca) students that will produce the new works for display in the ‘Unsung Heroes’ project.

An eca student drawing from one of the LHSA enamel badges

The students looked at a selection of historic enamel badges in the LHSA collection in order to inspire new badges that they will make in the eca’s jewellery and silversmithing department. These new badges will sit alongside examples from the LHSA collection in a Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh installation, and provide a visual bridge between the archive material and the various non-badge creations produced by the students that will also be exhibited.

The students spent time during the seminar drawing from the badges, and it was exciting to see some of our collections in a new light: as a source for artistic expression.

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