Friday, 27 January 2012

Volunteer update: from the horse's mouth

One of our archive volunteers, Lynne MacMurchie, tells us about what she has been working on this week.

I have been volunteering at the Archive for a number of months now and today I was given two tasks; I chose the easy one first which still took me all morning to complete! This involved cataloguing “Connections”, a bi-monthly newspaper for NHS Lothian staff which was first published in 2004 - not that old compared to some of the collections here but what a great sense of satisfaction to have that all neatly catalogued and boxed.

Recent editions of Connections, now catalogued.
This afternoon involved me making a contribution to an ongoing project which has been largely done by volunteers who have been here longer than me. Dr. Gordon Leitch was a Consultant Chest Physician in various hospitals in Edinburgh during the second half of the twentieth century and we have a vast collection of his papers here to be catalogued, including patient files, conference papers, photos and policy documents.

It is a great privilege to be involved in preserving all this fascinating history for current and future generations.

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