Friday, 8 February 2013

Developing the photograph catalogue

Today Fiona tells us how she's been getting on during the first three weeks of her internship with LHSA.

I cannot believe that it has been three weeks since I started this placement! The time has just flown by and it is now my turn to tell you about my progress on this project. 

An unconventional use of a surgical theatre.
Since the start of my internship I have been trying to get a good idea of the photographs I am working with. I have started this project by creating a basic inventory of what’s inside each of the boxes to make it easier for myself to plan how to arrange the records when it’s time to catalogue them. It is not long before we will be discussing the number of sleeves and boxes to buy for the collection. To be ready for this, I have spent the past couple of days measuring the photos in the collection (if you had been in the office, you may have confused me for a seamstress sitting in the corner with a tape measure round my neck!) I have added a couple of photographs from the collection which have stood out for me. If you follow us on Facebook, you would have seen the wonderful one of “doctors hard at work” the other week.

A very stylish surgery department from 1912.


Speaking of surgery, I felt like a surgeon this week after receiving an excellent introduction to paper conservation by fellow intern Charlotte. I have been trained in how to surface clean documents, repair tears and make my own sleeves using a range of implements!

preparing to repair a tear.

a great amount of concentration needed!

I have learnt a lot these past couple of weeks and I am enjoying the experience a great deal! The next time I write a blog, I hope to tell you more about what the collection contains and how it will look once it is completed.

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