Friday, 3 May 2013

Climbing a (photographic) cataloguing mountain...

This week, we hear from Fiona, who's been continuing with the formidable task of cataloguing and rehousing LHSA photographic collections:


I was the archives intern, but the LHSA have invited me to stay on as a volunteer to finish off this project, which I am determined to do!

I am currently well over half way through my cataloguing and rehousing of part of the LHSA photograph collection. The Dental Hospital, the Royal Edinburgh Hospital and the Bangour photographs are now completely re-housed and catalogued and ready to be viewed by the public. I am now working on the megalithic collection that is the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh photographs. I’m not even half way through these photographs, but the number of those catalogued is now 1309! Once these are done, there is sure to be a small celebration in the CRC office.

More LHSA photograph collections rehoused - from the Royal Edinburgh Hospital and Bangour Village Hospital

In the next couple of weeks, some photographs of my, and the conservation intern, Charlotte’s, projects here at the LHSA will be put up on the LHSA Flikr page. They will illustrate what our tasks were for the 10 weeks we were here and the achievements we made.

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