Friday, 3 March 2017

From LA to the UCF

Though the blog title may suggest that we’ve been off to the west coast of America, the content of this blog will be a little closer to home – this week, Ruth will be concentrating on developments in one of our stores…

The Library Annexe (formerly abbreviated to LA) is getting a lot of good attention at the moment, and is transforming itself into the University Collections Facility (UCF). Material held there is being reviewed to make sure that it is in good condition, stored well and accessible for use now and in the future: a collections spring clean if you will!

While a lot of the work will concentrate on the University’s fine art, musical instruments, rare books and archives, here at LHSA we wanted to make sure that we’re in on the action too. We’re very pleased to have Clair (who you will know from blogging on our Dott and TB projects) stay on a little longer with us to take part in some of this rationalisation work in the UCF. We’re boxing clever and making sure we use Clair’s expertise to best effect – she’ll be continuing her case note cataloguing work on another series that has previously received Wellcome Trust funding to conserve it. We also hope to look at some of our other collections in the UCF and make improvements to storage to help preserve the collections for the long term and make best use of available shelf space. We’ll be working with Helen (the UCF Rationalisation Project conservator) to do some rehousing and re-organisation. So keep an eye out for future blogs from Clair (on these page) and Helen where you will see more of this rationalisation work in action.

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